Wakaba Terrace


Wakaba Terrace is part of a thoroughly complete medical care organization providing a prestigious and comfortable living space, high quality furniture and daily meals offered in a calm comforting dining hall. Our main purpose for creating this facility is so that each and every individual person can be happy, healthy and smile. We base our concept on complete medical care, healthy diet, comfortable living and fun activities to create peace of mind, confidence and trust everyday at Wakaba Terrace.

A message from our Chairman

For the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Wakabakai Medical Corporation we wanted to create a new business which would have lasting effects into the future. After 7 years of planning and 2 years of construction Wakaba Terrace opened its doors in September of 2010, nestled within the quiet, hilly landscape of Odori Ishi town in Sasebo City. The residents building consists of 2 floors and a basement, and is adorned with classic English style interior and furniture. Great care was taken to create a calm, comfortable, peaceful environment within the confines of the residency. The spacious interior contains 70 rooms with an 80 person capacity and a day-service on the first floor. The building sits elegantly wrapped around 3,300 square meters of garden designed by world renowned landscape artist Kazuyuki Ishihara. Beautiful flowers, green plants, and the peaceful environment of Wakaba Terrace offers the ideal setting to heal the hearts of the residents and help encourage them to live. The heart of Satoyama therapy lies in our belief that a calm natural environment has a strong positive influence and is directly tied in with rehabilitation. Through high quality medical service and nursing care harmonized with beautiful nature and healing of the heart, Wakaba Terrace is a fully integrated facility. Our goal is to revolutionize a new style of senior care and promote a lifestyle where senior citizens want to live here and enjoy their life.

Wakabakai Medical Corporation Chairman Yutaka Hamano