Wakaba Terrace


Satoyama Therapy

Wakabakai Medical Corporation's original healing method. Satoyama Therapy is the combination of Horticulture therapy and Forest Therapy. Please click the images and links below to learn more about the history and birth of Satoyama Therapy.

Satoyama Therapy Club Activities

Stroll through the Satoyama Therapy Garden, grow plants, harvest vegetables and fruits, prepare and cook them. By enhancing the functions of the brain and body through these series of activities, we are making efforts to continue living with a definite sense of purpose.

Yearly Cultivation Calendar

MayRice Planting・Sweet Pea Blossom
Summer Vegetable Planting
Tea Harvesting
JuneWheat Harvest
Onion Harvest
Corn Planting
Sweet Potato Planting
July・AugustSummer Vegetable Harvest
SeptemberRice Harvest
OctoberWinter Vegetable Planting
NovemberSweet Potato Harvest
Onion Planting
Sweet Pea Planting
DecemberTraditional Rice Cake Making