Wakaba Terrace

Bringing Forth Smiles

Complete medical care provided to bring peace of mind and a sense of security.

In 2010 Wakaba Terrace’s parent organization Wakabakai Hamano Hospital celebrated its 60th anniversary. Since that time Wakaba Medical Corporation has been a part of the local Sasebo community. Wakaba Terrace is a new project of Wakaba Medical Corporation which aims to unite medical care and nursing care and based on our experiences with the local community over the years, serve a high quality medical care system together with the local region. Wakabakai group has the flexibility to accept any patient with any condition offering both a full care facility as well as a facility for those patients who are more independent. If at any time the residents health condition were to change we are always prepared to act swiftly and ensure a smooth transition. Through our original initiative; Satoyama therapy, Wakabakai is a symbol of progressive medical health care. Working closely with nature, such as planting flowers and cultivating fruit and vegetables, stimulates inspired living and enriches daily life with abundant emotion. This multi faceted medical practice brings a sense of security to the resident and empowers them with purposeful living.

Healthy Eating Habits Promote Health and Vitality

In addition to medical care, nursing care and the living environment, we believe healthy eating habits are an essential component of enhanced living. We use specialized food suppliers and kitchen staff along with a liscensed nutritionist to server nutritious balanced meals. The dining room was designed to promote a calm atmosphere to ensure residents feel relaxed while enjoying thier meals. A various and wide array of dishes are offered to avoid the residents having to feel stressed or tired of a controlled medical menu. Ingredients such as seasonal home-grown organic vegetables are cultivated by the residents in our very own Althorp Garden.

Fine Quality and Comfortable Living Space

Our living space and environment is a principle component of our daily life. With this in mind, passionate attential to detail and great care were taken on both the exterior and interior down to the smallest details, to ensure a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere. Having a historical connection to Sasebo, the noble house of Charles Spencer was modeled. With its high ceilings, spacious and classy interior, abundant natural light and lush garden, you will feel a continued sense of fascination throughout the changing seasons. The majestic appearance and high class surroundings ensures your golden years are spent under the finest quality of life. Open space, privacy and individuality is considered among the 60 single occupancy and 10 double occupancy rooms. Residents can choose the best possible room for their lifestyle. Additional facilities such as day service and a training room as well as a Japanese style room for family gatherings and western style hall for community space are provided for better quality of life.

Everyday Enjoyment

Live the moment just as you like.
Enjoy daily meals.
Engage in communication with other people.
Rediscover a life of purpose.
Enjoy an everyday meaningful life.
The principle which lies at the heart of Wakaba Terrace is that each individual be given the ability to continue enjoying daily life. Our main purpose is to provide support and functional training to the residents which will maximize their ability of independence and help them continue meaningful living. Tenants at Wakaba Terrace can enjoy a life where they stay motivated by partaking in hobbies and activities of their own interest and spend each day as they like.